Epic Pagan/Folk Metal from Dutch ground.

Primal violence meets danceable rhythms, crushing neckbreakers and epic melodies. An energetic mix out of epic pagan metal and the typical, catchy folkmetal crawls deep under your skin and makes you move, wether you want it or not!
Vanaheim conquered many European stages with their "The House Spirit" EP already but with their new album called "Een Verloren Verhaal" the band unfolded a completely new chapter in the bands history.
The new songs from their in February released concept album pull you deep into a long forgotten story. A story of mankind, mother nature and an ancient tribe of giants, who´s trying to protect its long standing kingdom. Let yourself be constrained by antique lines from a weathered book, wirtten in a forgotten language.
With their rousing, crowd engaging live performance and new songs in their bags, Vanaheim will bring this story now to you.... are you ready?!