Gwydion's journey started in 1995, a project founded by a group of friends that shared the same passion for metal and interest in Celtic culture. In 2007, Gwydion prepared to record their first full-length album "Ynys Mön". At the end of the year 2009, Gwydion finished the recordings and production of their second album "Horn Triskelion". "Horn Triskelion" truly represented fifteen years of accumulated experience and ideas. In 2013, Gwydion presented "VETERAN". Fans experienced a slightly different musical-style, as the music was much more epic and "metal" than folk compared to the previous release.

After a band hiatus Gwydion returned I n 2018 with a new Album “Thirteen” which was divided in two parts, one talks about known Viking personalities and the other part about the Viking invasion in Portugal!

Now the band completes 25 years of history and it was time to release a self-titled album to honor the god Gwydion and the band itself!