The Crescent's call

The symphonic folk metal band THE CRESCENT’S CALL was formed in 2019 from the bandleader Christina Fuxjäger.

In 2019/20 Christina Fuxjäger composed the first album „The Call“. The final arrangements were made in 2021 together with the bass player Lukas Rappitsch. Soon afterwards from May to July 2021 the debutalbum was recorded at Treehouse studios in Vienna with Lukas Rappitsch as producer and Andreas Koch as sound editor and mixing engineer.

In May 2022 the first live show took place at „Escape“ in Vienna, where the audience got excited for the first time.

In autumn 2022 the album „The Call“ came out and was presented live at two release shows, one at „Szene Wien“ in Vienna and one in Windischgarsten, the hometown of bandleader Christina Fuxjäger. In the same year the first music video to the song „Fly into Death“ was shooted and released with Denis Kunz as director and Lorraine Burbulla as cutter.