Dear Heathens!

Time is marching! Less than two month till our first Heathen Gathering Festival will take place in the holy halls of the Viper Room Vienna!

For those who can't party with us on both days we just released a limited number of daily tickets!

Day 1:
Primordial (IE), Heathen Foray (AT), Morgarten (CH), Vanaheim (NL), Steinalt (AT)
Day 2:
Heidevolk (NL), Dalriada (HU), Ignis Fatuu (DE), Nemoreus (AT), Regnum Noricum

2-Day Pass: EUR 75,-
Day Ticket: EUR 39,-

Limited to strickly 250 Tickets only!


Announcement Ignis Fatuu

Dear Heathens!

What? You still don't have enough and want to turn night into day?! Then it's supposed to be like that!

As our Special Late Night Act we present to you the German Medieval Rock Band Ignis Fatuu!

In a good mood and with a hurdy gurdy in hand, Ignis Fatuu will present her own interpretation of medieval rock! Once punk-heavy, once influenced by the hard rock of the 80s and 90s and once completely metal! A special party awaits you!

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Announcement Heidevolk

Dear Heathens!

It's time to reveal our second headliner at the Heathen Gathering Festival!

Get ready for the full force of Folk and Pagan Metal and welcome Heidevolk with us!

Whether with songs about divine matters or simply about profane joys, Heidevolk will bring their folkloric fire and their pagan pride directly to Vienna!

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Announcement Heathen Foray

Dear Heathens!

The storm of the heathen will also hit Vienna in 2023! The Austrian Pagan Metal band from Heathen Foray are doing their honors in getting a stage at our festival. A new album by the Styrian bards is also scheduled for release in 2023. Will they perform the new songs at the Heathen Gathering Festival? Come and find out!

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Announcement Morgarten

Dear Heathens!

As next band, we warmly welcome Morgarten from the French-speaking Part of Switzerland to our festival! Accueil Chaleureux!

With their new album Cry of the Lost, Morgarten will take us back to the battle of the same name in 1315 and bring us back the glory of the age of knights with melodic folk and black metal! 

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Announcement Steinalt

Dear Heathens!

Today our announcement is all about Pagan Metal from Lower Austria!

Welcome with us Steinalt to the Heathen Gathering Festival, a band that is no longer unknown in the Austrian underground and has build itself a strong reputation as a live band! With their authentic appearance, the band turns every concert into a temple of the old gods!

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Announcement Dalriada

Dear Heathens!

Let's dance properly at our festival! What dance? The Hajdútánc, of course!

We are happy to welcome the epic folk metal band Dalriada from Hungary to our line up today!

With their last release Őszelő, the band celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2021 and can proudly look back on 11 studio albums! 

Üdvözöljük a Heathen Gathering Dalriada!

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Announcement Nemoreus

Dear Heathens!

Today there is the rare fare of Austrian Folk Metal in the form of Wacken Battle Metal Winners (2018) Nemoreus!  

The Viennese exceptional musicians are one of the most promising newcomers in the international folk metal scene and were able to set new standards with their album "ARNEA", released in 2021. Nothing comes off the tape here and all folk instruments such as the Irish flute, Bouzouki and Violin are freshly served live!

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Announcement Vanaheim

Dear Heathens!

Today we present you the young Dutch band Vanaheim in our line up! 

Stormy primal forces meet danceable rhythms, hard neck breakers and sublime melodies. An energetic mix of Epic Pagan Metal and classic, catchy Folk Metal, gets under your skin and gets you moving whether you want to or not! With their ''The House Spirit'' EP they have already played on many stages in Europe and with their new album "Een Verloren Verhaal" a new chapter in the band's history has now opened.

Look forward to Vanaheim!

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Announcement Regnum Noricum

Dear Heathens!

As next band we would like to welcome the Celtic Black/Death Metal Group Regnum Noricum from Lenzing to our Line Up!

Lyrically, Regnum Noricum deals with the resistance of the Celts against the Roman Empire and will also visually tell us live with their grandiose stage outfits consisting of Kilts and Celtic war paint of battles from bygone times.

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Announcment Primordial

Dear Heathens!

Today is finally the day and we start with the announcements of the bands for our first Heathen Gathering Festival from May 18th - 19th, 2023 in the Viper Room Vienna!

We're about to start with the first headliner announcement and we're happy to present you none other than the Irish Celtic Folk/Black Metal exceptional talents of Primordial!

Primordial has enjoyed absolute cult status in the metal scene for decades and can proudly look back on nine studio albums after more than 32 years of band history! 

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